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Whittling & Carving & The Like

Woodcarver’s Forum (The site for all things whittling and carving. Friendly people, and more tips from experience carvers than you can shake a whittled stick at. The forum is sponsored by the magazine Woodcarving Illustrated)

Doug Linker Outside (Some of the best, and coolest, whittling tutorials to be found on the Internet. Most people are really bad at explaining things. Doug isn’t. Really cool projects, and he takes you through the process step by step. From bears to Indians to snowmen to scarecrows . . . these are the best!)

Home Wood Spirit  (More tutorials . . . this time from a fellow named Vladimir. These are almost as good as the aforementioned Doug Linker’s videos. Quick, easy even for beginners, and mega creative)

Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine (The home base of the foremost magazine for whittlers. Great resource for books, back issues, or even a subscription. Check out the free “How To” section for lots of great projects).

Helvie Knives (Quite simply, these are the best, fixed-blade, whittling knives in existence. Each one is custom made, and there’s often a several week waiting list. It’s a small, family owned and operated company. Helvie knives aren't really much more expensive than their mass produced counterparts. Do yourself a favor and get one or two. Whittling is much more fun - and much safer - with a sharp knife.

Harmonica Links

Modern Blues Harmonica  (The site of blues harp player extraordinaire Adam Gussow. Tips, lessons, a lively forum, and more. Best harp stuff on the Internet)  (Everything you ever wanted to know about harmonica but were afraid to ask. Reviews of instruments, tips, history, inside scoop galore)

Brendan Power  (Sort of the Thomas Edison of harmonicas. This guy is always inventing new, weird and wonderful harps)

Andrew Zajac   (Want to make your harp play better?  Want a custom harp? Andrew has you covered)

Joe Spiers  (He’s regarded as one of the two or three best harp customizers in the world. If you want a world-class instrument at a fair price, this is where you go)

Bottle-o-Blues   (A great harp mic that is more than affordable. Brilliant stuff!)

Ian Chadwick’s Harmonica Reviews    (Check out this site before you buy a harp. Ian separates the wheat from the chaff)

SPAH (Yes, harp players have their own organization, complete with annual, massive conventions where you can jam with the pros and see all the latest goodies. The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica is a dandy group of folks)

Rockin’Ron's Harmonica Supply   (You shouldn’t buy stock harps or supplies - amps, mics, what have you - from anyone but Rockin’ Ron. The most incredible customer service I’ve ever encountered, fair prices, and lightning fast delivery)

Guitars & Other Stringy Things

Larry Pogreba    (Coolest! Guitars! Ever! An old friend from my Montana days. Bonnie Raitt and Keb Mo, and many others, are proud owners of Larry’s guitars )

Cigar Box Guitars   (Cigar Box Nation is the clearinghouse for all things CBG.  This site is also the home of C B Gitty luthier supply, which features an incredibly complete supply of parts and accessories)

Dennis Havlena   (Plans for a ton of different DIY instruments. Great page for building your own, despite the fact that Dennis tries to inject a touch of politics on his home page)

Bart Hopkin   (I’ve got a couple of this guy’s books. He builds crazy-cool stuff, and is the former editor of the late, great "Expermental Musical Instruments” journal. From stringed things to wind chimes and weird drums, he can show you how to do it)

Bowed Dulcimers   (So weird! so cool!  I want one of these so bad it hurts.  The instrument was invented by Ken Bloom, but his site seems to no longer be operating. This guy makes great ones too)

The Bassimer   (It’s a bass.  NO, it’s a guitar. NO, it’s a dulcimer.  Actually, it’s all three. I want one of these too)

Republic Guitars  (Great, parlor sized resonators.  Nice folks to boot, which is why I include them. Based in Austin, TX)

National Guitars   (No list of  guitar links is complete without National Resophonic. Pricey, and worth every penny).

Tim Crosby   (The official website of American singer/songwriter Tim Crosby. An old buddy of mine from my Idaho days)

Kent Duchane   (Website of one of the best delta blues players on the planet. Got to know Kent a bit when he would come to Montana for trout fishing)

The Savart Violin  (A word of warning, unless you are a real nerd about stringed critters - as I am - you will be bored to tears by this page. In short, it details the flattop, trapezoidal violin created by 18th century physicist Felix Savart. In the bigger picture, it discusses why purists  of any sort are threatened by a change to the status quo).

Guitar Dad   (Some really fine writing by Paul Dillon, former newspaper guy and major-leage guitar enthusiast)

General Coolness and/or Funny Stuff

Wine for Bums  (A parody of the wine review sites favored by snobs.)

Mental Floss  (Okay, the name is great, but the magazine never disappoints)

Funniest Car Blog EVER!   (The official title of this feature column on the site “Jalopnik” is “Nice Price or Crack Pipe.” ’Nuff said)

The Tundraman’s Workshop   (Worth a look if you’re into guitars, woodworking, or motorcycles)

Patently Ridiculous  (Forget “Shark Tank.”  Check out these world-changing inventions)

Odd Musical Instruments  (Just what it sounds like. A cavalcade of the strangest musical instruments ever created)

The 17 lb. Trim-Coil Canoe  (I plan on building one of these, assuming I can ever clear out my shop enough to make the room to do it. Corresponded with Herb, the originator of the idea, a bunch of times. He gave lots of tips that are still languishing in my email folder)

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