The Blue Lagoon Tenor Resonator

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If you searched the world over, traversed dangerous lands and prodded in humanity's infinite nooks and crannies, never again would you find a homemade, 4-string, tenor, resonator guitar featuring a cone cover that is in fact the mutilated hubcap of a 1961 Ford Falcon.  Oh, you could try . . . but animals such as this - especially when painted with Rustoleum's finest "Lagoon Blue" gloss enamel - are at the tippy-top of the endangered species list.

And better yet . . . this beast plays.

In reality, I've been building odd instruments for a long time. Can I bend wood?  Yup. Have I bent wood?  Yup. Do I prefer building weird stuff over bending wood into a traditional hourglass shape?  Triple Yup.  

It’s like this. I build things that are fun.  Fun to look at, fun to play, fun to hang on the wall and amaze your friends . . . who will never be able to boast of such a worldly possession because . . .


The technical aspects of this blue reso are similar to most other such guitars, with the obvious exceptions being that this one is Rustoleum blue, rectangular, and has the aforementioned mutilated hubcap (not to mention a hand hammered tailpiece carefully crafted from 24-gauge sheet metal).

Here are the deets, for those of you who insist on deets prior to happily buying this reso and giving me money (scratch that, I meant to say "those of you who pride yourselves on researching an instrument's details because you are of discerning taste and insist upon only the highest levels of craftsmanship and ethical building standards").


Scale:  25" scale • 15 frets to the body

Body Size:  12" (and change) wide, 19" (and a smidge) long, 4" (and a drop) deep.

Total Instrument Length: 42" (give or take)

Sound Thingies: 9" resonator biscuit cone (Stew Mac house brand . . . no gravy with these biscuits . . . sorry)

Cone Cover: 1961 Falcon (artistically mutilated with my $9, Harbor Freight angle grinder)

Amplification: Internal Piezo Pickup with volume control (Not to be confused with a pizza pickup, which is what Papa John's offered before said Papa got himself banished. The piezo is encased in rubber cement and recessed in the the guitar's center stabilizer. Very little handling noise)

Neck: Mostly oak . . . hand carved and filed to fit my hand (mostly because I didn't have your hand size). Steel reinforced ala the old Stellas.

String Height at Zero Fret: 2.5 mm (or thereabouts)

String Height at 12: 5mm (or so)

Neck width at zero fret: 1.25" (close enough)

Neck Width at body: 1.5" (or damned close to it)

Weight:  Roughly 1/6th that of my dog (about 7.5 lbs)

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