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Home of the Original

Backpacker Sax

The Coolest Hardwood Saxophone On Earth*

*And the Other Planets Too . . . Mostly Because The Other Planets Don’t Have Trees

Red Oak Versions Sold Nationally By

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Uncommon Goods Will Have More For Sale Around The First Week Of February, 2022.  I’m Building Them Now.


I Also Make Custom Saxes 

All Are Created From Downed Tree Limbs!

One-Of-A Kind Instruments  •  Utterly Unique Gifts


On request I will make you a custom sax from a downed tree limb found here on our family farm. These are exceptionally cool-looking, great-playing  saxes . . . take a look at the before-and after pix. 


Feel free to ask for wood-burned personalization (your name, favorite quote, etc), longer scale,  inner chamber sanded to glass-like smoothness, upgraded mouthpiece, and more . . . it’s all up to you.

Write Me Directly from Details

Trunaround Time Is Generally About Two Weeks



About the Backpacker Sax . . .

It starts as a forgotten piece of timber . . . often whatever the ice storms and twisters drop on my lawn.   I hollow and burn the sound chamber, sand enthusiastically inside and out, drill and tune the fingerholes, rub the wood with boiled linseed oil, and apply a light,  protective finish.

Add the copper plumbing fitting and a mouthpiece, and you’ve got one cool-sounding, great-looking, Backpacker  Sax. 

It plays one full octave, and with a bit of practice, sharps and flats are a breeze.  

The Backpacker Sax includes a new (still in box) 4C Alto Sax mouthpiece, cap, ligature, Rico reed, and instruction sheet/fingering chart. 

Best of all . . . anyone can learn to play The Backpacker Sax. You need not be able to read music, and prior experience isn't required. Most people can blow simple tunes after just a couple days of practice.


I also Make . . . By Custom Request


Hand Carved Dolphins 


Strange & Wonderful 

Resonator Guitars





Wind Chimes

Walking Sticks


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