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*And the Other Planets Too . . . Mostly Because The Other Planets Don’t Have Trees

Dec. 7, 2021

Stock Update

Backpacker Saxes are once again back in stock at  Uncommon Goods. I may have a few up on Reverb in coming days, but there are none there at this second.

Feel free to write me directly if everyone sells out again. Time permitting, I’ll  do my best to get you a sax before Christmas.

Thanks for all the purchases. The response to The Backpacker Sax has been nothing short of mind blowing!

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Custom, Personalized Saxes On Request Contact Me For Details.

Possible options include exotic or domestic wood of your choice, wood-burned personalization (your name, favorite quote, etc), longer scale,  inner chamber sanded to glass-like smoothness, upgraded mouthpiece, and more . . . it’s all up to you


About the Backpacker Sax . . .

It starts as a forgotten piece of timber . . . often whatever the ice storms and twisters drop on my lawn.   I hollow and burn the sound chamber, sand enthusiastically inside and out, drill and tune the fingerholes, rub the wood with boiled linseed oil, and apply a light,  protective finish.

Add the copper plumbing fitting and a mouthpiece, and you’ve got one cool-sounding, great-looking, Backpacker  Sax. 

It plays one full octave, and with a bit of practice, sharps and flats are a breeze.  

The Backpacker Sax includes a new (still in box) 4C Alto Sax mouthpiece, cap, ligature, Rico reed, and instruction sheet/fingering chart. 

Best of all . . . anyone can learn to play The Backpacker Sax. You need not be able to read music, and prior experience isn't required. Most people can blow simple tunes after just a couple days of practice.


I also Make . . . By Custom Request


Hand Carved Dolphins 


Strange & Wonderful 

Resonator Guitars





Wind Chimes

Walking Sticks


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