Tree Branch Saxophones


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It starts as a tree limb . . . usually cedar or oak or whatever the ice storms and twisters drop on my lawn. I hollow and burn them out, sand enthusiastically, drill the six fingerholes (+ 1 thumb hole) and finish with boiled linseed oil and several coats of polyurethane.

Add the copper plumbing fitting and a mouthpiece, and you’ve got one cool-sounding, great-looking, Tree Branch Sax. 

It plays one full octave, and with a bit of practice, sharps and flats are a breeze.

My Tree Branch Saxes include a Yamaha, 4C Alto Sax mouthpiece, a matching Yamaha ligature, and 3, Rico reeds. 

$150 + Shipping

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Hand-Carved Branch Flutes


I carve these flutes from downed limbs found here on the farm. Red cedar seems to make for the nicest sound, which works out well since windstorms left a couple of cedar trees lying in my yard.


Before & After

—————————————————————————————  While I do use some power tools to hog off large hunks of material from the rough log (jointer and hand drill primarily) I do most of the shaping with a draw knife, files, and sandpaper

Flutes can be tuned, more or less, to the key of your preference. Keep in mind, though, that I’m making these out of a stick. The inherent qualities of the wood (hardness, knots, age, etc) make perfect intonation highly unlikely. They’ll sound and look very cool, but don’t expect concert quality from a tree branch.

I can easily personalize your flute - via woodburning - for no extra charge. I can also make them 3, 4, 5, or 6 holes (with 6 being preferable if you want a full scale)

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Single Flute • 12 to 17 inches

$75 + Shipping

———————————————Hand-Carved Dolphins

Single dolphin on carved ocean base

$100 + Shipping

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I usually carve my dolphins from basswood, but have  done them in walnut, ash, butternut, and even tree limbs and old lumber. I can obtain many different hardwoods (cherry, oak, purpleheart, cedar, etc) if you have a preference.

Custom sizes are also available (up to 18” long).

Bases are generally natural, carved from downed limbs or weathered barnwood



Walking Sticks & Canes

I have many sticks available for Immediate shipping 


I cut all of my own canes and sticks, and then whittle & wood burn based on your personal design ideas and favorite quotations. 


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Prices & Contact Info

Branch Saxophone  •  $15o

 (Includes Yamaha 4C Mouthpiece, Ligature, & 3 Rico Reeds)


Flutes Begin @ $75

Dolphins (on base) Begin @ $100

Sticks & Canes Begin at $50

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